Friday Video: “Hole in the Ground” – The Mekons

In the addition to being first-wave punks and country music revivalists, the Mekons also rejected the creeping influence of Thatcherism and resisted the temptation to court mainstream audiences during the ’80s, so it’s really no surprise that they haven’t had any ventures in big-budget, high-production-value video-making. Still, in the clip for “Hole in the Ground,” it looks like half the band wanted to be the British Misfits, half wanted to be the British Public Enemy, and both sides forgot that the argument ever happened until the morning of shooting.

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One Comment on “Friday Video: “Hole in the Ground” – The Mekons”

  1. […] ‘n’ Roll. (And to a lesser extent The Mekons Honky Tonkin’, although aside from “Hole in the Ground” and “I Can’t Find My Money,” that one’s kind of a bore.) First-generation […]

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