Aquaman, Edgar Wright and and Oi!: It’s a Link Post

A new poster for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim adaptation made the rounds online last week. The tagline, “An epic of epic epicness,” is dumb, but it would have made me laugh lot at age twelve, and if Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World gets a bunch of twelve-year-olds to start reading Bryan Lee O’Malley comics or to check out other Edgar Wright movies, then everybody wins.

At Rockaliser Baby, Nathan takes aim the dean of rock criticism, and civil war breaks out in the comment section. David Foster Wallace’s treatise on hip-hop gets a mention too.

The most eloquent defense of Aquaman you’ll ever read is up at Too Busy Thinking About My Comics.

I might have enjoyed the Guardian‘s short history of Oi! more than I’ve ever enjoyed listening to an Oi! song. (Would Cock Sparrer’s “Where Are They Now” count? Began rethinking that as soon as I typed it. It’s a good article, is the point.)

Check out concept art for comics legend Harvey Kurtzman‘s contributions to Sesame Street at the Michael Sporn Animation blog, or see one of the spots that Kurtzman planned here: It’s super charming stuff.

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3 Comments on “Aquaman, Edgar Wright and and Oi!: It’s a Link Post”

  1. Colin Smith Says:

    Thank you for the kind words & the link. That’s very gracious of you & I’m grateful. Have a splendid day!

  2. Bobby Hunter Says:

    You know anything else about DFW’s work on hip-hop? I wasn’t aware of that.

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