Cave Art and Secret Cities: It’s a Link Post

I probably give more credit to Lady Gaga than the dudes at Rockaliser Baby–I think “Just Dance” is a ruthlessly successful pop song, for instance. But I’m still not sure a Gaga number like “Love Game” provides a meaningful critique of anything. Not even love games. In any case, fans, skeptics, and people-who-think-Lady-Gaga’s-songs-are-alright-but-also-think-there’s-some-kind-of-weird-critical-grade-inflation-happening alike should check out Aaron’s Top 40 Track Reviews, Written As If The Songs In Question Were By Lady Gaga.

“Imma Be”

Less a song than a treatise on performativity, and a damn smart one at that. This is the sound of 2010, and kudos to Gaga for repurposing a mixtape cliche for mass consumption. The tune has some boilerplate synthesizer work, but this in fact functions as a comment on the dullness of these very sounds. And what can you say about the video that Entertainment Weekly hasn’t already? It’s a half-hour confection with all the flavors pop has to offer: we watch Gaga and Jason Mraz storm a leper colony, and there’s a scene set in a Pizza Hut that gives new meaning to the term salad bar.

(Nathan’s Ten Questions for the Lady Gaga Apologist, from back in January, is a good read too.)

Werner Herzog’s 3-D cave art documentary cannot come soon enough.

A short history of the Tina Fey backlash, at Salon’s Broadsheet.

Secret Cities

Secret Cities–featuring talented musician and all-around nice guy Charlie Gokey–are one of Stereogum’s Bands To Watch.

God of All Comics Grant Morrison made the interview rounds last week to talk about The Return of Bruce Wayne, but mid-April’s most interesting conversation with a comic book writer belongs to the A.V. Club. Keith Philips speaks with superhero-writing’s master of self-promotion, Mark Millar, and Millar sounds weirdly…normal. Nice even!

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