A Catalogue of IRON MAN 2 Dreams

The following are real,  and perhaps the outcome of my refusal to watch any trailer, TV spot, or promo clip for Iron Man 2 in an effort to be as surprised as possible by the film. Part of me, suffering anticipation pangs, is pushing back.

Dream One

I am seated in downtown Minneapolis’s Kerasotes Block E theater, attending what I believe is a midnight screening of Iron Man 2.  (Details emerge later in the dream that contradict my sense of time.)  It is only minutes until show time. Out of caution I decide relieve myself before the film begins.  Rather than using one of the Block E restrooms, I rashly opt to run home instead.  (The length of this trip on bike is fifteen minutes; on foot, it’s closer to forty.) Two-thirds of the way to my house, I stop, suddenly aware that I will have missed more than half the movie by the time I’m there and back.  It is not midnight of opening day at all but rather a hot Sunday afternoon. Dream ends.

Dream Two

I’m once again seated in a theater at a screening of Iron Man 2. For this dream’s longest segment, I believe myself to be watching the film. After the theater lights go on and the people a round me begin to leave their seats, I begin to panic. I’ve achieved partial lucidity; my memory of the film is blur of images and noise, half-formed sequences unconnected by any narrative tissue. This is, of course, all I did see, but I am not lucid enough to realize that I am dreaming. Why, I wonder, can I not better recall the movie I just watched? Dream ends.

Dream Three
Unlike dreams one and two, this dream does not begin in a movie theater. I’m once again viewing Iron Man 2, but the distinction between being witness to the film and being a part of it is muddied. Watching a scene, in this dream’s terms, is akin to entering this scene.
An identityless fellow viewer and I walk into a room featuring Mad Men’s John Slattery as Tony Stark’s father, Howard.  (This casting is true of the actual film as well.)  Slattery’s Stark has pursued a scientific experiment beyond reason or decency, and the resultant rootlike growths across his face make him look like a cross between Roger Sterling* and Swamp Thing.  Dream ends.

* Given that nearly all Marvel’s most enduring characters emerged between 1961 and 1965, a Mad Men-Marvel cross-pollination** event is as logical as it is unlikely to happen.  I will probably attempt to alternate thoughts about both while falling asleep and see what happens. 

** Pete Campbell is the Loki to Don Draper’s Thor throughout season one.

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