Protoblog: Clowns IRL

Although I conceived Malapropist largely as a venue for film, comic book, and music writing, it will periodically host advance looks at other blogs of mine still in development–what I hope will eventually be the component parts of a larger blog network. Clowns In Real Life is the first and only photoblog devoted to what clowns do when they’re not performing. Think Us Weekly‘s ‘Just Like Us’ meets Look at this fucking hipster, but with clowns.

Post #1 – Subway Clown

Whew! Time to take a load off. Get me outta these clown shoes!

Post #2 – Water Fountain Clown

Slurrrrp! Clown or no clown, this water is very refreshing.

Post #3 – Joy Ride Clown

Get that camera outta here! Can't a clown take a joy ride!?

Post #4 – Clown at Mass

Worshiping with this clown makeup on is like worshiping for two people at once.

Post #5 – Airport Clown

Yikes! Clown or no clown, I've got to catch that plane.

Post #6 – Elevated Railway Clown

Shit. Why didn't I--oh, shit.

Post #7 – Agitator Clown

Clown or no clown, I do not fear death.

Post #8 – Drunk Clown

Recognizing the irony of being a sad clown makes it no more bearable than it would to recognize that one's arm is aflame.

Post #9 – Funeral Clowns

You can keep pouting, Edgar, but we're all pretty proud that we got it to fit in the clown car.

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