It’s a [Batman-only] Link Post

A Batman-out-of-time, from THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1

Last week was a good week to be a fan of Grant Morrison’s recent Batman stuff. Annotations for ‘Batman Vs. Robin’ and The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 are up at Mindless Ones. Man-about-comics-blogs David Uzumeri has done the same for Return #1 at Comics Alliance and ‘Batman vs. Robin’ at Funnybook Babylon. Spoilers abound.

Morrison himself talks about The Return of Bruce Wayne at the A.V. Club. Aaaaand, I probably won’t be checking out Rough Justice (the recent, Chip Kidd-currated collection of Alex Ross art), but apparently it features a sketch of Morrison as Brainiac, which is awesome.

A new (SFW) trailer for Batman XXX is up, and the film looks (weirdly, needlessly) meticulous in its efforts to recreate the feel of the ’60s television series, from Dale DaBone’s spot-on Adam West impression to the sideways camera shots of Batman and Robin scaling walls to the makeup-covered mustache of the actor playing the Joker:

Meanwhile, Cyriaque Lamar has put together a (NSFW) short history of Batman-themed adult films at io9, but it’s all just sort of depressing.

More tangentially: Killing Joke artist Brian Bolland’s open letter to Icelandic artist Erró, who had appropriated one of Bolland’s old Tank Girl covers, is surprisingly moving stuff:

One reviewer of your work said “I don’t know where Erró finds all that stuff”. Luckily for you she and other inhabitants of the galleries don’t know the names of the people you steal from and you’re not in a hurry to list them . . . Your work is about “Recontextualizing”. Ie. taking something out of one place and putting it somewhere else, thereby showing it in a different (possibly ironic) light. In view of the fact that your poster of my Tank Girl is selling for 600 Eu I suggest you stop selling it and I invite you to recontextualize the money you got from the sale of it out of your bank account into mine.

A Bolland-drawn Batman/Bruce Wayne also kicks off last week’s Newsarama piece on the Batsuit through the ages.

Finally, from a few weeks ago: reader picks for the greatest Batman and Joker stories ever told are up at Comic Book Resources. (Batman: Year One is right where it ought to be, but the Club of Heroes story arc has shamefully been omitted.)

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