Inquiry and Excavation: It’s a Link Post

io9 rediscovers ‘the most terrifying ad in comic book history,’ which I totally remember–! And which is at least a whole lot of weirdness crammed into a few panels:

Friend of the blog Erinrose Mager interrogates the marshmallow at This Recording.

Moveline picks five comeback roles for Charles Grodin and go five-for-five.

Dave McLeish of Square Root of Minus Garfield has found the formula for Garfield after averaging the color values of every weekday Garfield strip since 2007:

All last week, The Comics Journal‘s Hooded Utilitarian blog hosted a roundtable discussion of Asterios Polyp. Some posts are brutal but insightful, and one or two are brutally boring, but in any case it’s a great indicator of how the discourse about Mazzucchelli’s book has evolved since last year’s (mostly) glowing reviews.

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