The Armpit Where Art and Commerce Meet: It’s a Link Post

David Byrne’s recent TEDTalk (embedded at Stereogum) examines how physical space has historically informed the ways music is composed (and later, recorded), but it’s really worth watching to hear Byrne crack himself up after making a joke about Bob Dylan a few minutes in.

Is Jeffrey Brown comics’ perfect gateway artist? Gene Kogan thinks so.

Laura Miller of The New Yorker assesses the recent crop of dystopian-future teen lit, and rudely omits my self-published Half-Android Half-Cheerleader.

At the Awl, Dave Bry ponders the use of being angry about the Absolut vodka ad featuring Joy Division/New Order’s “Ceremony”–which is pretty crass, and I’m not gonna embed the video, but maybe it’s best to just think back to a time when Absolut was responsible for the best commercials ever:

On the subject of commercials, Jim Henson’s ads for Wilkins Coffee–up at the Coilhouse blog–are weirdly violent stuff. The Kermit-but-not-Kermit puppet is a mean dude:

DC’s Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler recently responded to attacks on the racial politics of many DC stories by noting that DC “strive[s] very hard to have a diverse DCU. . . . we have green, pink, and blue characters.” For the uninitiated, this quote is not only embarrassing in and of itself; it can also be undercut by one of the most famous sequences in the history of DC Comics, available at Robot 6.

Finally, it’s not every week that Hitchcock goes viral, so here’s this (via Vulture):

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