Breakups, Breakdowns, Polite Exchanges: It’s a Link Post

King Khan and BBQ’s (second) nasty breakup is already old blog-news, but Rockaliser Baby had it first. Check the comment thread, where Mark “BBQ” Sultan himself starts to vent! It gets weird.

Andrew Weiss, of music/comics/vintage-pop-debris blog Armagideon Time, has a new joint. ComicPunx is “a pictoral history of the punk (and “punk”) subculture as it has been depicted in the medium of comic books,” so it will probably alternate between mentions of Love & Rockets and other stuff that’s much, much worse.

Keith Philips at Slate revisits 1990’s Dick Tracy movie, which–quick story–my parents rented for me shortly after I began reading comics a few years later, a gesture that strikes me as very gracious in retrospect, not because the film is good (it’s not), but because for my benefit they willingly watched Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and several other very talented people just slumming for two hours.

This Recording gives readers a look at the various correspondences of Vladimir Nabokov.

“Cooke’s art goes to the bones of his influences, a hard rendering of their common interests in thick inks, explosive movement, controlled pacing” — Matt Seneca on style and apparent influence in Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: The Hunter.

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One Comment on “Breakups, Breakdowns, Polite Exchanges: It’s a Link Post”

  1. dan Says:

    the king khan show thing was a bummer, that was like the second show in korea i’ve been stoked for since coming here.

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