Rudd’s ROLE MODELS Reappraisal Rundown(!)

Paul Rudd’s movies don’t seem to be getting better as his star gets larger, which is shitty, yeah.  But in spite of the drop (or maybe because of it), 2008’s Role Models
– which is sort of like I Love You Man’s under-appreciated older brother
– but way funnier
– and altogether one of the breeziest, most charming, most effective movies to come from any combination of Apatow players or ex-State cast members in the last several years
has been subject to more critical looks back recently than a mid-budget autumn-release comedy featuring staring Sean William Scott ordinarily would be. Slate‘s Elbert Ventura’s sorta hard on it–

Role Models reunited Rudd with his Wet Hot American Summer director, David Wain, but … As Danny, a sales rep tired of his job, Rudd seemed adrift in the role, only occasionally letting a speck of mischief peek through the dour demeanor. At least Role Models had a hint of endearing geekiness to it.

— but The New Yorker‘s Richard Brody has some surprisingly kind words for the film:

I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times, together with my daughters; its pallidly sentimental aspects wash away in the flood of sharp comedy from a host of character actors (including Jane Lynch) who gleefully strut their stuff.

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