I Am Admiral William Adama, Having a Good Paint-Cry

My desktop is dying. I think. As of two days ago, one-fifth of its screen is distorted, vertical bands of different colors appearing instead of the right edge of the George Herriman drawing that makes up my background (although weirdly enough, it looks normal if I take a screen shot).

They took a chunk out of Coconino County

The practical implications of my computer’s slide into disrepair are 1) that a brief and undesired hiatus from blogging might be on the way and 2) that I’m most likely about to join the rest of the 18-to-34 demographic and get a laptop. You could be forgiven for wondering if owning a desktop computer was a sort of affectation, like listening to music on cassette. Mostly, though, it was what I was used to prior to starting college, and I didn’t think much about not getting one–other than probably once or twice imagining myself owning a MacBook, dropping it on the ground, and losing everything stored within. But in preparing to leave my desktop behind, as Bill Adama once did the Battlestar Galactica, I’m also preparing to leave behind a way of being while on the computer, one that feels slightly more like being in command of one’s own sea- or starship than does using a laptop, or at least gives one the option of feeling that way, if that’s a kind of thing one was into.

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