Amazon Attack: Ten Hostile User Comments Concerning DO-IT-YOURSELF COFFINS: FOR PETS AND PEOPLE by Dale Power

As a person who designs and builds fine, handcrafted coffins, I was disappointed in the level of how-to information presented as well as the quality and appearance of the finished products.

I have built one of the coffins following the directions in the book. Some measurements are missing, and some are not correct. This cost me in materials and time. Beware!

Anyone with any woodworking skill at all will cringe at the drawings and poor quality of the measurements.

We make our living from woodworking and the techniques in this book are better suited to junior high school shop class.

Bury the book

As with the majority who have rated this book so far — this book deserves a quick death.


the title says “coffins” but it only offers one coffin to build (badly).

I have the feeling that the guy who gave this book 5 stars is either related to the author or I can picture him trying to turn on his table saw through his straight jacket.

The craftsmanship is poor at best and the execution of this “toe pincher” coffin is every synonym of awkward that I could find on thesaurus. com “all thumbs, amateurish, artless, blundering, bulky, bumbling, bungling, butterfingers, coarse, floundering, gawky, graceless, green*, having two left feet, having two left hands, incompetent, inept, inexpert, klutzy, lumbering, maladroit, oafish, rude, stiff, stumbling, uncoordinated, uncouth, unfit, ungainly, ungraceful, unhandy, unpolished, unrefined, unskilled, unskillful “.


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