Somebody’s Cranky: It’s a Link Post

At /Film, Adam Quigley notes the proliferation of meta-movies at the multiplex and asks, “Is Film Doomed to Become a Mockery of Itself?” The answer (mine, not his) is “No, relax, the meta-movie has been around for decades, whether your definition of meta-movie is narrow or very broad like Adam Quigley’s, and cinema has survived, even evolved in lots of interesting ways, and managed not to become a pit of meaningless self-reference.” Still, there’s a really good conversation to be had about Machete/Piranha 3D/Pineapple Express/Snakes On a Plane/etc., even if Quigley’s question reads a tad hysterical.

At NYC Graphic, an interview with comics’ top funnyperson Michael Kupperman, and at the L.A. Times website, a profile of George Herriman for some reason.

At the AV Club, Nathan Rabin takes on David Lynch’s Dune as part of his My Year of Flops column, in the appropriately titled “WTF Case File #170.”

At Rockaliser Baby, two posts about artists determined to make their work more difficult to enjoy: “Goddamnit Morrisey” and “Google Maps Is Not Art (Or, I Don’t Give A Fuck About My Childhood Home).”

Also, Mad Men‘s on tonight! And anyone following the show would do well to check out Natasha Vargas-Cooper’s Mad Men Unbuttoned, a site consistently full of astute Man Mannotations.

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