Amazon Attack: An Aggregation of User Comments Found While Comparison Shopping for Nunchucks

I purchased these for my nephew and he absolutely loves them. The quality was nice and he said they did not hurt to bad on the misses.

i am a new to nunchaku and like an idiot got hard core steel ones and almost killed my self. i am looking forward to learning with these padded ones.

make sure you know that this is a weapon and could hurt someone

perfect for practicing any tricks whatsoever

i think it was better safe than sorry, and start him off with soft nunchucks.

After a couple of months of practicing you’ll be able to use the wooden or metal nun chucks with ease. & you’ll be able to fight crime just like your fellow police officers >:D [Ed: Reading this comment in its entirety makes it no more clear whether the commenter is an an anarchist/separatist-type, the “fellow police officers” bit being an ironic aside, or an aspirant law enforcement officer laboring under some serious misapprehensions.]

[Commenter’s son] learned how to use nunchuks by building his own with empty paper towel rolls and string. So by the time he got these he could control them.

BONUS: Comments Found Upon Checking Out ‘Game of Death Kill Bill Bruce Lee Jumpsuit Costume’ from the ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed’ Menu

damn this thing is small

The zipper is tiny and almost impossible to pull up without the help of a second person. So have fun using the restroom

For Americans they need to go up to about a size XXXL at least.

I bought a Large version, because the mensurations wrote on the picture “mensuration table” are the same as my body

REALLY SMALL! I ordered a size XL. I am 5′ 10″ & 175 lbs with a 34″ waist. [?]

The crotch: nut huggers.

I gave 5 Stars, because the service was really good and, despite it run a little bit small, it’s so fun to play as Bruce Lee! Bowhaaaaa!

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