Positions I’d Be Reluctant Take in a Blog Post but Would Probably Take at a Party for the Sake of Staying in the Conversation – Part One in an Ongoing Series

– ‘I’m not that interested in Nicki Minaj, but I know people whose taste I trust who say she’s really good.’

– ‘Maybe it’s too much now with Danny McBride.’

– ‘How I feel about Andrew Garfield is none of your business.’*

– ‘Only William Shatner can really decide when it’s time for William Shatner to retire.’

– ‘A few of those Third Eye Blind singles have actually held up pretty well, but they’re still not, like, great.’

– ‘The line for the bathroom is way too long.’**

– ‘Wait, who is Bruno Mars?’

* Full disclosure: I have a mancrush on Andrew Garfield. Have you seen the first Red Riding movie?.
** This one would only be possible if I was live-blogging the party anyway.

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