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“Suddenly, I miss ninjas.”

September 26, 2011

I’m helping kick off Christopher Higgs’ new comics criticism series at HTMLGIANT with a post about Marvel’s relaunced Daredevil title. Check it out at the link:

Shortly before the arrival of DC Comics’ New 52, DC’s competitor Marvel released the first issue of a new series starring its blind crimefighter Daredevil. In light of the timing, the new Daredevil serves as a parallel study in what makes a relaunch succeed or fail. And, if the first few issues are any indication, a master class.


Again with the EPA

August 24, 2011

But it’s because EPA #2 is available in PDF form here. Easier to read, with new contrast corrections and superior cropping!

EPA #2 – The Double-Sized Conclusion

August 1, 2011

Last time, crimefighter/degenerate Bonefucker engaged anachronistic j-offs Euphemystic and Hyperbolok in a battle that threatened to exceed both the typical length of a serial superhero comic and the boundaries of good taste. Before that, bar tabs were rung up, lumps were doled out, greenery was destroyed, and group tours were ruined. Cowritten with Nathan Sacks.


EPA #2 – Part Five

July 3, 2011

Last time, crimefighter/degenerate Bonefucker got into the spirit–and into the spirits–at a Colonial Williamsburg theme pub. Before that, lumps were doled out, greenery was destroyed, and group tours were ruined. Cowritten with Nathan Sacks.


EPA #2 – Part Four

June 26, 2011

Last time, the Earth Protectors of America got their collective asses handed to them by anachronistic j-offs Euphemystic and Hyperbolok–with the exception of an absent Bonefucker. Before that, much greenery was destroyed and many tourists were roasted. Cowritten with Nathan Sacks.


DC Talk: Looking for Meaning in 52 First Issues

June 24, 2011

Late last month, DC Comics announced a line-wide relaunch: fifty-two comics, fifty-two new first issues (/renumbered old titles). This is, depending on your perspective, a bold move that will reinvigorate the line or “a pitiful attempt to con more people into buying the same old shit.” I asked friend and EPA co-writer Nathan for his take.

Grant Morrison and Rags Morales's ACTION COMICS

Greg: DC’s line-wide relaunch probably isn’t intended to bring in a lot of new readers. Not exactly, anyway. Sure, some people who haven’t read Justice League in a couple years will probably check out [fan favorite writer] Geoff Johns and [fan favorite artist] Jim Lee’s collab on the title. But mostly the relaunch seem designed to stoke a lot of short-term interest with superhero comics’ perpetually shrinking core buyer base. At best, the relaunch will bring back readers like you and me (hence this conversation, in which I will probably overstate my particular value to the serial genre comic marketplace)—people who are deeply familiar with DC characters, and who may have stopped buying monthly comics but are still eager to read (and totally fine with paying for!) well-crafted superhero stories. We are the people DC could get. But with the exception of Grant Morrison’s new take on Superman in Action Comics, I don’t expect to be gotten by any of it. (more…)

EPA #2 – Part Three

June 21, 2011

Last time, the Earth Protectors of America landed on the edge of Colonial Williamsburg, destroying much of the nearby greenery in the process. Before that, a group of tourists fell victim to an assault by anachronistic dickweeds the Euphemystic and Hyperbolok. Cowritten with Nathan Sacks.