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BODYWORLD: The Medium is the Mindmeld

June 3, 2010

Behind me sits a copy of Bodyworld, Dash Shaw’s latest graphic novel, released this past April (which I’m only midway through, so this is not a review proper*). Shaw’s one of the more interesting dudes** under thirty making narrative art right now—not just for his facility with the comics form, though he has that, but because he also seems to have a wide variety of stories to tell with it. (There’s more going on in a Shaw comic than formal gimmickery.) Bottomless Belly Button, Shaw’s second-to-most recent, dryly and unhurriedly outlined a family’s tensions during a reunion weekend. Bodyworld moves into more Dickian territory—the year 2060, specifically, where Paulie Panther, a romantic/degenerate researcher of psychoactive drugs, discovers a plant that permits telepathy once smoked. (more…)