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‘Driven’ to THINK

September 23, 2011

It’s a very minute sort of cognitive dissonance that results when one of your favorite film writers picks apart a film you recently loved without reservation. But then again, minutiae is the stuff blog posts are made of, so instead of the paean to Drive I’d scribbled down some notes for (in short: Nicholas Winding Refn’s directing is a skillful Twin Peaks-style tightrope walk above the valley of camp, and his movie’s the best filmic argument this year that style can be substance, with instances of violence that carry real impact and weight, and great performances from Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks, plus a little bit of teeth face from the Cranman, too), here’s Richard Brody’s take, in the interest of food for thought/devil’s advocacy/etc.:

For a film centered on the madness arising from reason, [Drive is] singularly devoid of irony; for one built on absurd contrasts, it’s humorless; for one based on rapid calculations based on changing circumstances, it’s ludicrously impractical.

There’s a lot more at the link, including some pretty fair-handed complements directed at Refn and Brooks. Please note that Brody also praised Eddie Murphy’s performance in Norbit earlier this month, which either undermines his credibility here or means he’s the gutsiest person on the New Yorker masthead or both. He’s an enigma! Look at that beard! There are SECRETS in that thing.


Parenthesis Everywhere: It’s a Link Post

July 5, 2010

Over at the Front Row, Richard Brody rips the newest Toy Story (which I quite liked) a new one:

“Toy Story 3” is a narrowing, reactionary, pathologically clean movie. It isn’t a movie that shrinks from frightening children . . . but all its scares serve to teach children to stay home, and only stay home. . .

Colin Smith revisits Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s The Authority, “one of the sweetest comic books of the modern era.” (Check the comments for a remark from Ellis himself [and one or two from me]!)

Bill Murray (sort of) addresses the ultimate apocryphal Bill Murray story in an interview with Black Book:

There is one story that gets bandied about more than others: It was late one night in New York City. A man walked alone through Union Square, empty at this hour. The man felt a pair of hands reach out from behind and cup his eyes, blinding him for a moment. Frightened, he turned around to find Bill Murray, who said to him, “No one will ever believe you,” before walking away into the night.

When asked whether or not this exchange took place, his expression turns to mock-disgust.

…And GQ‘s interview with Casanova and Invincible Iron Man writer (and possible man-crush subject) Matt Fraction is real good too.

Guess the Real Inadvertently-Suggestive FRONT ROW Headline about a Great Japanese Filmmaker

June 25, 2010

Enter Miyazaki
Fourteen Minutes with Ozu
A Revealing Look at Kenji Mizoguchi
No Gun in Takeshi Kitano‘s Pocket
Two Minutes with Akira Kurosawa

ANSWER HERE (with apologies to Richard Brody)