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Belated Announcement

August 21, 2011

Lock-In by Jonathan Mary-Todd is available for purchase. Recommended for fans of werewolves, high school social politics, and slight nods to J.G. Ballard. Grab a copy here or here.


Summertime Tundras: It’s a Link Post

July 12, 2010


At io9: saying goodbye to Party Down with a Martin Starr highlight reel.

Norwegian alt-cartoonist Jason has a blog! Check out Cats Without Dogs.

Zom of Mindless Ones works toward a definition of ‘pop crime’ [for Batman nerds only].

A glimpse of Tommy Wiseau’s newest project (‘The House That Dripped Blood on Alex’!?) is available at Videogum, and it looks appropriately nuts.

Golden Age Comic Book stories, which regularly provides samples of great-looking mid-20th century pop miscellany that more often than not aren’t actually comics-related, recently put up a host of pretty rad vintage b-movie posters:

And finally, from The Awl: The 45 Greatest Teen [Lit] Titles You Have Never Heard of From the Era When They All Mentioned “I,” “Me,” “You” or Some Other Key Person That Are Not ‘Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret’